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Choosing the Right Tonneau Cover for Your MULTY® Rack: A Compatibility Guide

If you're looking for a headache rack, bike rack, or adjustable side rails for your truck, it's important to consider which type of tonneau cover will be compatible with your setup. By understanding the different types of tonneau covers available and the specific requirements of the MULTY® Rack systems, you can choose the right cover and rack system to suit your needs.

Tonneau covers come in a variety of styles, including soft covers, hard covers, and retractable covers. Soft covers are made of fabric or vinyl and can be easily rolled up or removed, while hard covers are made of rigid materials like fiberglass or aluminum and provide more security and protection. Retractable covers are a combination of the two, with a hard cover that rolls up into a canister when not in use.

Regardless of the type of cover you choose, it's important to make sure that it is

Tonneau cover sits on top of bed rails

compatible with the MULTY® Rack system. This means that the cover must mount to the inside of the truck's bedrails and not sit on top of the bedrails. This is because the MULTY® Rack system is designed to mount on the surface of the bedrails, which means that any cover that sits on top of the bedrails will interfere with the rack system.

Tonneau cover sits inside of bed rails

If you do plan to use a tonneau cover with your MULTY® Rack system, it's important to ensure that the rack and adjustable side rails are installed correctly. The rack and side rails must be mounted to the truck's stake pockets or bolted through the top of the bedrail to ensure that they are secure and do not interfere with the tonneau cover.

One option that may work well with the MULTY® Rack system is a tonneau cover

Tonneau cover is sitting on top of the bed rails.

that has a low profile. These covers sit close to the bed rails and do not have a lot of overhang, which means that they are less likely to interfere with the rack system. Additionally, some low-profile covers may be designed to work with certain rack systems, which can make installation easier and more seamless.

Tonneau cover is sitting inside of the bed rails

In summary, choosing the right tonneau cover for your truck is an important consideration when installing a headache rack, bike rack, or adjustable side rails. By selecting a cover that mounts to the inside of the bedrails and ensuring that the rack system is installed correctly, you can enjoy a secure and hassle-free hauling experience.

Consider your specific needs and the requirements of the MULTY® Rack system when choosing a tonneau cover, and don't hesitate to reach out to the manufacturer or a professional installer for guidance if needed.

Cover is mounted inside of the trucks bed rails

Tonneau cover is covering most of the truck's bed rails.

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