2022 Multy PWC Carrier Rack

MULTY's PWC carrier rack system is a one-of-a-kind winch-operated rack system to carry up to two personal watercraft (PWC). 

The MULTY rack will fit on any full-size pickup truck (Half-ton and larger). The winches are powered by your vehicle's battery. All necessary parts are included to wire the MULTY rack to your pickup truck's battery.


PWC Trolleys are included so you can unload your personal watercraft on flat ground, and make it portable. This trolley is commonly used to move your PWC around your garage or driveway.


MULTY includes a wireless controller for remote unloading, as well as a hard-wired controller as a backup. MULTY products are backed by a 1-year limited warranty. 


MULTY PWC Rack system is essential for those camping trips where you want to bring your toys, as well as pull a trailer. The MULTY rack allows users to pull any trailer behind the truck, while the rack system is loaded.


MULTY's modular design allows users to completely remove the rack system piece by piece when not in use. This rack system (after the first install) can be attached or detached from the truck in a matter of minutes.


✔ Made in North America
✔ 100% aluminum construction
✔ Durable powder-coated finish
✔ Can still tow a trailer behind the rack
✔ Easy assembly & installation
✔ Universal fitment
✔ Fits any full-size pickup truck with a long or short box
✔ Wireless winch controller included

✔ Safe to use, tested for years, and trusted by many
✔ Detaches from the truck in under 60 seconds
✔ Ultra-lightweight & very durable
✔ Supports personal watercraft up to 10' long
✔ Lots of cargo storage underneath the rack system

2022 Multy PWC Carrier Rack