Land H-BAR

Land H-BAR

SKU: MR-104-B

The land H-BAR pins to the end of the MR-103 extension rails, and allows the loading/unloading of the MR-106 carry tray.


High strength powdercoated aluminium construction gives the product a high durability for constant usage under heavy load.


Solid 1/2" stainless steel detent pins secure the land H-BAR to the end of the extension rails of your Multy Rack.


The H-BAR stopper is deisgned to prevent the carry tray from rolling up the extension rails while loading. The carry tray simply gets winched tight agains this pivoting stopper.


Coming Soon - H-BAR Holder: This attachment will allow the H-BAR to quickly secure to the bed rails, so you have one less item moving around in the pickup box.



1x Land H-BAR (MR-104-B)

1x Carry tray stopper (MR-104-B-2)

2x 1/2" Detent Pins (MR-128)

COMING SOON: H-BAR Holder (MR-166)