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Explore Beyond Limits

Elevate your overlanding adventures with the versatile and customizable MULTY® Overland Racks. Crafted to seamlessly integrate with all MULTY® accessories, these racks provide the ultimate platform for your journey. Unleash your creativity and tailor your setup to your needs, whether it's carrying bikes, kayaks, rooftop tents, or more. Discover limitless possibilities and redefine your overlanding experience with MULTY® Overland Racks

MULTY® Overland Racks: Unleash Your Journey

✦  Overland Racks


Paddle to New Horizons

Embark on waterborne adventures with ease using MULTY® Overland Racks for kayaks. Effortlessly carry your kayaks to pristine waters, knowing they're safely secured on top. Enhance your overlanding experience and explore both land and sea like never before.


Bike Adventures Elevated

Seamlessly integrate your bikes with MULTY® Overland Racks. Discover the freedom of hitting the trails while your bikes are securely mounted on top. Whether you're a solo rider or part of a group, our racks provide a stable and adaptable solution for your biking expeditions.


Elevate Your Camping Experience

Transform your overlanding setup with MULTY® Overland Racks designed for rooftop tents. Sleep under the stars and wake up to breathtaking views. Our sturdy racks offer the perfect platform to support your rooftop tent, ensuring comfort and relaxation on your outdoor getaways.

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