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Elevate Your Truck's Potential.

Versatile, Durable, and Built for Adventure.

Truck Racks for All Your Cargo Needs

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Discover the Versatility of Our Universal Truck Racks – Perfectly Bridging Work and Play, So You're Always Ready for the Next Adventure or Task.

Professional Mountain Bikers


Discover the world's first vertical bike rack uniquely tailored for pickup trucks, capable of securely carrying up to 6 bikes, designed to elevate your cycling adventures.


  • Proudly Made in North America

  • Safely transport up to 6 bicycles

  • Fits a wide range of pickup truck models

  • Constructed from sturdy powder-coated aluminum

  • Utilizes a reliable 3-point cam buckle system

  • Available for kids bikes, fat bikes, and standard bikes

  • Multiple non-permanent methods include stake pocket mounting, clamping, and t-slot cargo rail attachment

  • Backed by a confidence-inspiring 2-year warranty

  • Works seamlessly with select tonneau covers

  • Doesn't interfere with your trailer hitch, tailgate, license plate, tail lights, or rearview camera

  • Quick and easy installation and removal for your convenience

Upgrade your pickup truck with a MULTY® Bike Rack, designed exclusively for pickup trucks. Securely transport up to 6 bicycles, whether you're heading to the trails or embarking on a family adventure. Experience hassle-free loading and unloading, thanks to our innovative bike rack system tailored for your truck.
Construction Site

Headache Racks

Elevate your truck's potential with MULTY® Rack Systems. From work-ready ladder racks and tool mounts to adventure-ready bike and kayak racks, our accessories cater to both work and play, ensuring versatility and convenience for your truck.


  • Crafted in North America

  • Robust, thick-wall aluminum construction

  • Powder-coated finish for lasting durability, and many colors to choose from

  • Universal fitment for various pickup truck models, and easily adjustable for when you transfer it to a new truck

  • Modular design for compatibility with MULTY® accessories for work and play

  • Accessories for side rails, ladder racks, rear racks, kayaks, bicycles, light bars, LED flood lights, amber beacons, landscaping tools, tool boxes, rooftop tents, and so much more

  • Multiple non-permanent installation methods for flexibility

  • Protects rear window with sturdy horizontal bar

  • Compatible with some tonneau covers

  • Easy installation and removal

  • 2-year warranty for peace of mind

Elevate your pickup truck's utility with MULTY® Headache Racks, the modular and universal solution for your truck's needs. Crafted for versatility, these headache racks fit various pickup truck models, providing protection and style while accommodating MULTY® accessories like ladder racks, bicycle mounts, and more. Explore the flexibility and durability of our headache racks, designed to enhance both work and play in your truck.
Kayak Trip

Modular Accessories

Enhance your pickup truck's capabilities with MULTY® Modular Accessories. Our versatile range includes Kayak Mounts, Bicycle Mounts, Adjustable Side Rails, Toolbox Mounts, Landscaping Tool Mounts, Amber Beacon Mounts, and Light Bar Mounts, designed to enhance your truck's functionality. These accessories are tailored for both work and play, making them perfect for professional contractors and outdoor enthusiasts alike. Explore our complete lineup to upgrade your pickup today and experience effortless loading, secure transportation, and ultimate versatility.


  • Kayak Mounts: Secure up to 3 kayaks on your MULTY® rack system for hassle-free transport.

  • Bicycle Mounts: Easily attach up to 6 bicycles vertically on your MULTY® rack system, perfect for cycling enthusiasts.

  • Adjustable Side Rails: Enhance your rack's expandability with telescoping and adjustable bed rails.

  • Toolbox Mounts: Securely fasten your toolbox to the MULTY® rack system, keeping your tools organized and easily accessible.

  • Landscaping Tool Mounts: Transport landscaping tools and equipment with ease using our specialized mounts.

  • Amber Beacon Mounts: Ensure safety on the road by attaching an amber beacon light to your MULTY® rack system.

  • Light Bar Mounts: Illuminate your workspace with additional lighting by mounting a light bar or light pods on your MULTY® rack system.


UTV Racks

Elevate your truck's capabilities with MULTY® UTV Rack Systems. Designed for securely transporting your UTV on your pickup truck, our rack systems provide a safe and efficient solution. Whether you're venturing into the great outdoors or need to transport your UTV for work purposes, our UTV rack systems ensure convenience and versatility for your truck. Plus, they won't obstruct your trailer hitch, allowing you to tow your trailer when needed.


  • Securely transport your UTV on your pickup truck for worry-free adventures.

  • Lightweight aluminum construction (under 500lbs) minimizes truck impact.

  • Convenient 11' telescoping ramps for easy loading and unloading.

  • Durable powder-coated finish protects against the elements.

  • Adjustable base fits longbed or shortbed trucks, enhancing versatility.

  • Available in 2-seat and 4-seat models for UTV flexibility.

  • Ramps lock behind the tailgate to prevent theft.

  • Enjoy a 2-year warranty for peace of mind.

  • Non-permanent installation with turnbuckles, preserving your truck.

  • Rigorously tested for safety and reliability.

  • Ample space underneath for additional cargo.

  • Compatible with trailers for added convenience.

  • Proudly crafted in North America for top-notch quality.

Upgrade your pickup truck's capabilities with the versatile MULTY® UTV Rack System. Safely transport your UTV with ease, thanks to its robust aluminum construction and adjustable design. This rack system provides ample space for cargo underneath while accommodating both 2-seat and 4-seat UTVs. Plus, it's compatible with trailers, ensuring you can tow additional equipment. Experience reliable, North American-made quality with MULTY® UTV Rack Systems, the perfect solution for work and play.

UTV Truck Decks

Elevate your truck's versatility with MULTY® Sled Decks. Tailored for the secure transport of your sleds on your pickup truck, our sled deck systems offer a reliable and efficient solution. Whether you're heading to the snow-covered trails for adventure or require a dependable means to transport sleds for work, our sled deck systems ensure both convenience and adaptability for your truck. Crafted with durable PolyBoard® decking that stands the test of time, these sled decks offer a long-lasting solution for your hauling needs.


​• Proudly Made in North America.
• Constructed from lightweight yet durable aluminum.
• Features PolyBoard® composite decking for long-lasting performance.
• Equipped with telescoping slide-outs to extend the overall width of the deck.
• Includes LED lights for turn signals, brakes, cargo illumination, and more with a 4-pin trailer plug.
• Utilizes UHMW (Ultra High Molecular Weight Polyethylene) bushings on all moving components, ensuring smooth operation.
• Requires no permanent installation, making it versatile and easy to use.
• Boasts a robust powder coat finish for protection against the elements.
• Features 10-1/2' telescoping ramps with glides for effortless loading and unloading.
• Incorporates L-Track along the entire deck surface for secure cargo tie-down.
• Eliminates the need for super glides on the deck surface.

Elevate your truck's versatility with the MULTY® Sled Deck. This North American-made aluminum deck boasts a PolyBoard® composite decking for long-lasting durability. With telescoping slide-outs and a range of LED lights, it's designed for convenience and safety. The UHMW bushings on moving parts ensure smooth operation. What's more, this deck doesn't require permanent installation, and its adjustable legs accommodate various truck models. Equipped with a 10-1/2’ telescoping ramp and L-Track for cargo security, the MULTY® Sled Deck offers unmatched versatility for work and play
Dirt Bike

Load Lifter

Enhance your pickup truck's versatility with the MULTY® Load Lifter. Boasting a robust 2000 lbs lifting capacity and an easy-to-use hand winch (or cordless drill/impact gun compatibility), it's the ideal tool for lifting heavy ATVs or dirt bikes. Plus, it's designed to let you close your tailgate behind your bikes, ensuring you can still tow a trailer. Upgrade your truck today for effortless loading and secure, trailer-friendly transportation.


  • Impressive 2000 lbs lifting capacity for heavy loads.

  • User-friendly hand winch for smooth and controlled operation.

  • Cordless drill or impact gun compatibility for quicker loading.

  • Includes 2 motorbike brackets, with the option to add one more.

  • Tailgate-closing design for towing convenience when carrying motorbikes.

  • Built with sturdy materials and precision engineering for reliability.

  • Suitable for ATVs and dirt bikes, no brackets needed for ATVs.

  • Elevate your hauling capabilities effortlessly and securely.

  • Upgrade your pickup truck and take your hauling game to the next level.

Upgrade your truck with the MULTY® Load Lifter, a powerful and versatile solution. This load lifter boasts an impressive lifting capacity of up to 2000 lbs, making it perfect for securely lifting ATVs or dirt bikes above your truck's tailgate. With a user-friendly hand winch (or cordless drill/impact gun compatibility), loading and unloading are effortless. Plus, the MULTY® Load Lifter includes motorbike brackets for securing up to 2 motorbikes. What sets it apart is the ability to close your tailgate behind your bikes, ensuring you can still tow a trailer when needed. Built with robust materials and precision engineering, it offers reliability under heavy loads and is perfect for both professional contractors and outdoor enthusiasts.

MULTY® Rack Systems are not truck-specific. One model can fit a large variety of pickup trucks. 

Universal Fitment

Every single MULTY® product is designed, fabricated, powder coated, and packaged in North America.

North American

MULTY® is known for exceeding durability and strength requirements. We are the most heavy duty.

Built To Last

We offer a variety of MULTY® accessories that are compatible with one another.

Modular Accessories

Our Blog

Discover why MULTY® is the best choice for your pickup truck.

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Securely haul up to 6 bicycles without covering your backup camera, license plate, tail lights, or hitch. 

Versatile Truck Bed Expansion with Multy Adjustable Side Rails – Customizable and Expandable Cargo Space for Work or Play.

MULTY® Aluminum Headache Rack

We take the "headache" out of headache rack. Protect your rear window in style, and function. 

ffortless Kayak Transportation with the Multy Kayak Rack on a Pickup Truck – Safely Secure Up to 3 Kayaks, Perfect for Water Sports Enthusiasts and Outdoor Adventurers
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